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Our approach

Your money

We help our clients manage more than $200 million in investment assets.


Assets being serviced

Your goals

Our client's goals are the primary focus of what we do. Our success is measured by our clients reaching the goals they set.


Years younger than the average advisor

Our advice

We share lessons our clients have learned across thousands of years of their combined life experience with others that end up in similar financial situations.


Years of combined experience


401k rollovers

Learn what options you have with the 401k from your previous job. we will help you stay in control of your money.

Understand your money

Get answers on how to manage your finances in everyday life. Our financial planning focuses on how your money moves.

Organize RMDs

(Required Minimum Distributions)

Different accounts turn into many distributions. We can make it easier for you.

Consolidating investments

For those frustrated with having accounts in different places, we help make your money easier to track.

Roth IRAs & Conversions

Understand your financial situation and find the best possible Roth strategy for you.

Receiving an inheritance

Have you received a gift or inheritance from a family member? There are potential tax liabilities to be aware of.

Financial Graphic

Did you know?

There was a time referred to as "Tulip Mania" in the 1600's when some Tulip bulbs were selling at 10x the annual income of a skilled laborer.

K&J advisor team

Morten Kjerland

Located in Anchorage


Years of Experience

Born and raised in Norway, Morten earned his BBA in Finance and Management and a BA in Economics at UAA and has since amassed over 21 years of experience in financial management.

Robbie Johnson

Located in Wasilla


Years of Experience

After gaining some experience in the banking industry, Robbie began his career in financial mangement in 2011 and continues to serve clients in Alaska and throughout the lower 48.