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Consolidating investments

Financial planning

We help make your money easy to track. Consolidating investments makes it easier to diversify your investment portfolio and maximize returns. K&J will help you consolidate your investments, make your money easier to track your money and help you develop more effective asset allocation strategies.

consolidation of investments

Where to get started

Understand the importance

Consolidating your investments is one of the smartest moves you can make. Having all of your money in one place makes it easier to track.

Recognize the difference

Consolidation does not negate diversification. Just because you're consolidating your investments doesn't mean you're reducing the amount of diversification in your asset allocation.

Know your accounts

It's time to prepare yourself. Make sure you go through your accounts and have an understanding of how many accounts you have, what types of accounts you have, and how to access them.

How K&J can help

We provide localized management

Having everything in one place will make it easier for you to understand your investments and how hard they're working for you. We will consolidate and manage all of your investments in one place.

We can reduce fees

Discounts make the world go round — we think, at least. Working with K&J gives you the possibility of having reduced fees based on the volume of accounts and investments.

We ensure proper diversification

Diversifying your asset allocation reduces your portfolio's risk to help maximize your returns. We will consolidate your investments to effectively analyze and allocate your investment contributions.

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