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Organize RMDs

Individual retirement plans

Required minimum distributions present yet another factor to keep track of when planning out your retirement. Different retirement accounts have their own required minimum distribution requirements and restrictions. K&J will help you understand and keep track of your different retirement accounts to help ensure your retirement plan stays on track.

required minimum distributions

Where to get started

Know your account types

Different retirement accounts have their own required minimum distributions to keep track of. Take time to understand which account types you have.

Be aware of tax implications

Taxes must be taken into consideration. Once you know which retirement account types you have, start looking into their respective tax implications.

Confirm your accounts stay up to date

Double-check that all of your retirement accounts are up to date. Instead of running into issues further down the line, this will help you get your money when you need it.

How K&J can help

We keep you organized

It's hard to keep every bit of finance in order. K&J will keep all of your retirement accounts organized and make sure every intricacy is accounted for.

We keep you informed

Having a strong understanding of your financial future is important for a successful retirement plan. We will answer any question you have and make sure you know what you need to know.

We make sure this is done right

Managing retirement plans can get elaborate fast. K&J will keep you organized, keep you informed, and most importantly make sure your RMDs are managed right.

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