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Roth IRAs & Roth Conversions

Individual retirement plans

We will make sure a Roth IRA conversion is a good fit for you. Many other solutions don't directly involve Roth conversions, including back door Roths or working with employer-sponsored options. K&J will help you understand your situation and find the best possible strategy for you.

roth conversions

Where to get started

Know how you file your taxes

Figuring out if a Roth conversion is right for you starts with gathering basic information. Filing single, married jointly, married separated, etc. has a strong impact on how Roth conversions work for you.

Know your taxable income

Taxable income effects how much you can contribute to a Roth. Once you know your taxable income, you will have a much better idea if a Roth conversion is good for you.

Know your tax rate.

Having a baseline understanding of how you file your taxes, your taxable income, and your tax rate will play into each other and set you up for success. Of course, we can always help you find this information.

How K&J can help

We can tell you if a Roth makes sense

There are far more intricacies than you would expect when considering a Roth conversion. K&J will consider everything and help you make the best possible decision.

We handle the conversion transaction

You get to sit back, relax, and let us take the reins. We will streamline the process and navigate the associated complexities for you.

We have the best strategy for you

With many complexities surrounding Roth conversions, our services go beyond just deciding if a conversion is right for you. K&J has plenty of strategies to deploy for any given financial scenario.

Did you know?

Many people are familiar with the typical employer-sponsored 401k plans and Roth IRAs, though most aren’t as familiar with Roth 401ks.
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The two most popular IRAs are traditional IRA and Roth IRA, each coming with their own rules and benefits.
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If you want to give your child or grandchild a financial head start, consider starting a Roth IRA for them.
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